Data & Security

Data& Security

At Dashed AI we believe that your data belongs to you and it is our top priority to ensure it is safe and secure.

Hosting and Storage

All Dashed AI services and data are hosted with Contabo on servers in Nuremburg, Germany. Contabo employs DDOS protection which recognises 99% of malicious attacks. Please read more here


All incoming data to Dashed AI is encrypted by Bcrypt. Our API and application endpoints utilize TLS/SSL cryptographic protocols.

Session tokens

We use session tokens to get approved access to connected data endpoints via active permission from each user upon signup, using the Dashed AI Chrome Extension. This grants us access to port the necessary data to both deliver our services and grant users access to this data. 

Websites Accessible To Our Chrome Extension

Our Chrome extension only accesses your personal data on the following websites and does not process any other website information:

If you choose to use email tracking:,

You can find this in the source code of extension or get in touch and we will gladly send a source code snippet specifying this.

Virtual Private Cloud

All servers are located within isolated Virtual Private Cloud networks separated from other networks to prevent unauthorised access.

Incident Response

Dashed AI has a process for handling any and all types of incidents and security events. All employees are informed of these policies and are ready to take appropriate action.

Security Awareness

All Dashed AI employees go through employee onboarding including security awareness training, data privacy & security best practices covering password management, phishing and more.


All Dashed AI employees have signed confidentiality agreements before undertaking any activities in the company. Permissions and Authentication Access to the DashedAI backend infrastructure is limited to relevant individuals who require such access for their role in the company.

PCI Compliance

All payments processed via Dashed AI are handled by Stripe Payments. Details on their setup and compliance can be found here

If you have any more concerns, feel free to reach out to: and we will be happy to address them.