Integrate & Track Your Outbound Prospecting

Connect Your LinkedIn and Email inboxes to your CRM. Save hours a month and gain invaluable insights on your B2B sales.

integrate and track prospecting with AI
integrate and track prospecting with AI


Improve Your Outreach As A Result Of Sales: communicates with your sales enablement tool and CRM to give you a complete overview and actionable insights on your sales processes and success.

See your outreach as a function of closed deals.
Analyze where the value in your prospecting is coming from
A/B test based on interest and attributed sales, not opens, clicks, connections, or replies
Calculate the pipeline growth your outreach is generating
Assess key sales performance indicators as they update live

Add Leads Straight From LinkedIn

top wasting time on manual lead capturing and data entry by connecting LinkedIn with your CRM

Leads are added at a click of a button
Create and enrich contacts, find qualified emails if associated with their linkedin account, and sync with LinkedIn at the push of a button
Create lists to import into your sales enablement/automation tools with quality prospects. These will convert better as no one knows your target customer as well as your do.
Be 4x faster when sourcing prospects and save at least an hour a day of boring tasks.

Feed Your CRM With AI Categorised Replies

Deals are added in real-time, where they should be, and ensure your CRM is always up to date with all their information. Straight from your LinkedIn and email inbox.

Leads are added automatically in real-time
Leads added to the right place - based on intent
Leads added with all the correct information
Never miss and interested lead
Hyper-automate sales saving SDR's hours of work a month
integrate and track prospecting with AI

Track And Gamify Your Teams Performance

Stay on top of your team, how well they are doing and what it means for your business.

Rank your team according to different metrics
Gamify your team's performance by setting goals
Dashed score keeps your team on track

Task Page

Never miss a lead with our task page

Dashed Score

Our algorithm tracks your outreach, conversion, interest, and more to give you a score out of 100

Add to calendar

Automatically add tasks straight to your calendar. Never forget to follow up over email, answer their question, or book in that meeting

We integrate with 3,500+ CRM's & apps through Zapier

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